About the Designer

I think there is a difference between style and fashion.  Style reflects who you are.  And well, fashion is something that is reflective of the time.  It goes through its cycles.  I think style is a creative way that reflects so much about you.  I like style.

I like a lot of things.  I’ve always loved interior design and architecture.  I feel like I have always wanted to pursue architecture or interior design as a career, but well, I learned young that math is not my strong suit.  So that went down the drain.  But, I am learning how to incorporate my interests, or hobbies one may say, into my current career choice.

See, having interests are great and all, but it is hard to keep up with them when you are a broke college student.  Three years ago I started to frequent certain little stores, hidden gems I think, and started to really break my interests into a whole new area of creativity.  I fell in love with thrifting.

Just a few months ago I moved into my first apartment.  With two other roommates, we spent the entire summer spending countless hours (but little money!) at thrift stores, vintage shops, and Goodwill.  And wow!  We get so many compliments on our apartment!  This is when I realized how creative and beautiful you can make things, whether it be your wardrobe or your home, with little money and a lot of creativity.  Thrifting is my new passion.

The point of this blog is to show my examples and give advice to anyone looking to spark some creativity, save money, and learn how to thrift.  I am excited to help any college student start on blogtheir journey to thrifting.

Well anyways, my name is Shannen.  I am currently a junior at Kent State University studying public relations.  After naming all those other interests and hobbies, I guess I should mention how much I love to write.  I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is where I formed another one of my loves, hockey (go Penguins!!!).  But for right now, I am stuck here in Kent, Ohio.

If for some reason I didn’t babble about myself enough, please feel free to email me at slaur@kent.edu.


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