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Thrifting Abroad

In less than a month, I get to finally do something I have always dreamed of. I am studying abroad in London for two weeks and then traveling to Paris for a week after. There are so many things I am excited for including immersing myself in a new culture, seeing the beautiful European architecture, eating yummy foods, and of course, thrifting abroad.

British Flag

                                  photo credit: bestflag.blogspot.com


In efforts to further my excitement, which believe me has been building for months now, I put together the best of London thrift crawl. These are stores I am dying to go to and dig through for hours to find that perfect British thrifted gem.

1)East End Thrift Store

Beyond Retro

photo credit: .theeastendthriftstore.com/

The East End Thrift Store is located in the City of London, just a few short minutes from where I will be staying in Clerkenwell. According to Time Out London, East End Thrift Store is all about selling vintage at a valued price. That’s rare in London, anymore.

Beyon d Retro

photo credit: blog.onefinestay.com

      2) Beyond RetroBeyond Retro is right next to Brick Lane London, a quaint, little area that features an on-street market in a retro, vintage area of Shoreditch. Beyond Retro has stores throughout the U.K. and Sweden.

3) Blitz

Time Out London says when Blitz opened in 2011, it put all other vintage stores in the area to shame. Blitz is not just a thrift store, it’s a department thrift store. That’s a lot of thrifting options. Blitz is also in Shoreditch, close to Beyond Retro.

4) Oxfam

Oxfam, located in Notting Hill, is our equivalent to Goodwill. It is the leading U.K. charity supporting the effort to end global poverty. There are Oxfam stores located all over London, all featuring different thrifted items.

5) Café Vintage

To finish the day, I may just head to Café Vintage, a vintage store equipped with a café featuring homemade cakes and coffees. This should be a nice pick-me-up after a long day of thrifting and vintage shopping.



These five stores are the equivalent to a perfect thrifting day in London for me. I am excited to ride the Tube, see the sights, and enjoy the charming city, all while I am on my thrifting crawl.

A giant thank you to Time Out London for helping me learn about the best vintage stores in London, plus a ton of other information. This site is definitely adding to my excitment!