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Favorite Finds: What’s yours?

I know I have my favorite thrift store items.  Well, I know it would be hard to narrow it down to just one.  After thinking about my favorite thrifted items, an idea sparked for me.  I decided to others what their favorite thrifted item was.  I got a lot of interesting feedback about my friends’ favorites.  I also wondered why the item was their favorite, what caught their eye about the item, where it was from and of course, how much?

So here it is, man on the street-esque thrift finds edition.

1. Brian’s Box


Item: Treasure Chest
Why is it your favorite?: I’ve always wanted a chest of some sort.
What attracted you to it?: The style of the chest and the mixture of metal and wood.
Where and how much: Goodwill, $2.20.



Katie's Lamp



2. Katie’s Lamp

Item: Rooster Lamp
Why is it your favorite?: It’s a conversation starter, really brings the room together, decorative and functional.
What attracted you to it?: The fierce look in his eyes.
Where and how much: Value World, $7.01 (and she says it was worth every penny.)

3. Megan’s Purse

Item: DistressMegan's purseed Handbag
Why is it your favorite?: I love how it is antique and distressed looking.
What attracted you to it?: It reminded me of a saddle.
Where and how much: Goodwill, $14.




Angela's sweater


4.Angela’s Sweater

Item: Cozy Cardigan
Why is it your favorite?: It’s warm, cozy and reminds me of a grandpa.
What attracted you to it?: It’s brown.  My favorite color.
Where and how much: Goodwill, $3.50.


It was a fun experience to see what other thrifty friends scored in the big, wide world of thrifting.  Each of the above had a special story about their favorites.  Some had simple reasons why they loved their favorites so much, and others felt passionate about the items.

After hearing about my thrift-savvy friends’ favorites, it sparked me to think about my favorites.  This was a challenge for me.  I have been hunting for bargains and unique items for years.  I think I have quite a thrifted collection, from knickknacks to clothes.

So here it is, my favorite thrifted item!

My picnic basket

Item: Picnic Basket
Why is it your favorite?: It’s functional and reminds me of warm weather and picnics.
What attracted you to it?: The vintage feel of it. I immediately saw this in the housewares section of Goodwill and knew I needed it.
Where and how much: Goodwill, $4.

I bought this basket a few ago from Goodwill.  I love it.  Even though its most likely for picnic purposes, I used it to travel home last weekend.  It has a bright, cherry stripped inside.  It makes me think of summer, and how I am definitely using it for picnics in the park once it is warm out.

In conclusion, I hope this inspires you to think of your favorites.  It’s fun to think of where you bought your thrifted items.  Everything has a story, especially pre-owned items.  So, go dig through all of your second-hand store finds, and pick out some of your favorites.

What’s your favorite?