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Thrifting for Jobs

It’ s a scary and exciting thought that soon enough I will graduate and have to enter the real world. I am pursuing a degree in public relations, and I am excited to see what the future of PR holds for me. I think finding a job, especially your dream job, is like thrifting, you have to do your research, keep an open mind, and sort through a lot before you find what you really want.

1. Research

Research is an important part of public relations, as well as finding a job in PR. You cannot go applying for jobs blindly or walk into an interview without knowing what you will be interviewed for. Start by doing a simple Google search like “PR internships in_____ (your area)”. Next, make sure you research the company or agency, if you get an interview. Not knowing anything about the company is a for sure way to not get hired. Whoever is interviewing you is probably going to ask you what the company does, what you think your duties will be, and may even ask very specific questions like what you think of the website of the company. Make sure you read the history, vision, and mission of the company, at the very least.

2. Keep an Open Mind

Just like I have said over and over with thrifting, you must keep an open mind. Maybe the job description does not sound like what you want, but you never know. I think, especially when seeking a first-time internship or job, you should apply to many different places and types of companies or agencies. Just because you think you want to work in say a corporation, doesn’t mean you will like it once you are there. It is better to sort through what you like and dislike in a job when you are still young and in college, rather than do something you hate the rest of your life.

3. Sorting

This goes along with keeping an open mind- you are going to have to go through a lot to find a job or even dream job. I am almost positive I want to work in a PR agency, but I want to sort through other sections of public relations. I could end up changing my mind. Do not have your mind made up before you sort through other options. Also, do not get defeated or discouraged if you do not land your dream job or internship straight out of college. I am completely prepared to go through industries and jobs I may not particularly like to get to what I want- to work in an agency and eventually do event planning. Public relations, along with a ton of other industries, are cut-throat and be prepared to sort through the industry before you get where you really want.

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