Fun with Acrylics: Cheap & Colorful Pieces

Acrylic paint is one of the cheapest, accessible, and easiest mediums to use for crafters.  It is available in tons of different colors, places, and brands.  I’ve found acrylic in many stores like Michael’s, Pat Catan’s, and even Wal-Mart for under a dollar. This paint is fast drying, allowing for quick projects, easy to use, for some of us that aren’t necessarily artists (like me), and an easy clean-up.

So, today I’ve decided to showcase some of the projects my roommates and I have used acrylics on.  Now, my other two roommates are both art students, so they are more apt to using fancier paints like oil paints, but for us normal college kids, let’s stick with the paint that’s less than one dollar.

1.    Paint splatter coffee cups

These guys were something I thought up over the summer when an aunt gave me a huge bin of cups and mugs.  Everything was in great condition but a little plain for my liking.  So, me being such a fan of crafts, I got out my acrylics and literally poured a ton on top.  I know I said before that this paint is fast drying, but not really in this case.  What I did was pour a good amount of paint on the bottom of the cup while it was upside down.  I continued to pour until the paint began to puddle on top and just trickle over the sides.  You do not want to pour a crazy amount because you are most likely going to get a solid color coffee cup, rather than a splatter effect.  I let the paint trickle down for a few seconds and then rotated the cup right side up, so the paint would run back down the sides and onto newspaper I had set down for clean-up purposes.  You may be wondering how the paint stays on?  Great question.  I purchased a Clearcote Acrylic Sealer by the brand Plaid from Michael’s Craft Store.  This is a cheap sealer that is safe to use on items that will touch food, and works great.  These bad boys have had many cups of coffee, tea, and whatever else drank out of them, plus plenty of spins in the dishwasher.

2.    Labeled canisters

Now by college, I am hoping we all know the difference between sugar and flour.  I know I do, but I wanted to spruce up these kitchen canisters I scored from Goodwill for a dollar each.  First, I taped with painters tape a long, skinny rectangle on each canister.  You cannot tell from the picture, but the rectangle does not go all the way around.  Next, I spelled out flour and sugar with puffy sticker letters I have had for years.  You could also use any kind of sticker, as well.  Next, I chose two bright colors I thought looked good together.  You chose whatever color combo you find appealing.  I painted inside the tape, including over the letters, to make sure everything was really well covered.  After allowing about a half hour to dry, I took the tape and letters off.  Voila, a pair of colorful and unique kitchen canisters.

3.    Paint dripped wine bottle

Alright, so maybe we are a little odd, but my roommates and I save our wine bottles.  We have created lamps, stuffed them with Christmas lights, as well as just used them as decoration.  This particular bottle was created by my roommate, Brian.  What he did was select a color, pour it over the bottle (leave the cork on), and let dry.  Repeat with as many colors as you would like.  This was done in a very similar way as the coffee cups I made above.  Make sure you do not apply too much paint, or it will cover the entire bottle.  With this particular project, also make sure the colors are dry before applying the next otherwise you are going to have a big, brown mess.

There you have it, for under a few dollars, you can take plain and simple household items and dab a little or a lot of acrylic on them.  There are a lot of other pieces you could do this on.  Try drinking glasses, bowls, or a picture frame.  You could do the paint splatter effect or even use painter’s tape and create a one-of-a-kind design.  Remember, as I have said before; keep an  open, creative mind.

Happy crafting!


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